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S.K.H. Kei Yan Primary School Teaching can be creative: break away from traditional paper-based teaching and let students learn common knowledge through playing with creative building blocks.
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Teaching should not be limited to chalk-and-talk, and learning should not solely rely on paper-based assignments. Some primary schools have created short videos for certain general knowledge courses, allowing students to learn at home and then showcase their learning outcomes using building blocks. The innovative teaching methods of these teacher teams not only make learning enjoyable but also engaging, and through self-directed learning, they can free up class time for further exploration in other areas.

Therefore, the school collaborated with the business sector to design the "SCAMPER Science Treasure Box". SCAMPER (Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to other uses, Eliminate, and Rearrange) is a creative thinking method that consists of 7 English abbreviations representing different thinking perspectives. Under this idea, each box of the Science Treasure Box comes with a set of Japanese-made building blocks and an activity workbook. The aim is to allow students to experience the SCAMPER concept during the process of building models and exploring science, and to train their creative thinking skills.