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PRISTER contributes to the development of STEM in Hong Kong | PRISTER Academy: Specializing in STEM Educational Toys.

PRISTER Academy is dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of STEM learning and teaching through the utilization of various resources. The academy offers a diverse range of international, interdisciplinary STEAM educational products and curriculum services to educational institutions, aspiring to become a comprehensive STEM education center and school. This initiative lays a solid foundation for students, embodies the core philosophy of STEM, and prepares them to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

We recommend an array of international innovative STEM teaching materials such as Tublock, Cubico, Marty The Robot, Mochi, and TEMI, an artificial intelligence robot. These tools encourage students to unleash their creativity, solve problems, and unlock their potential through technology, working together to "play into the future."

PRISTER has already provided professional STEM and coding educational tools and curriculum to over 200 schools in Hong Kong, offering a novel experience that is well-received by teachers, parents, and students alike. How can one miss out on STEM with such a compelling offering?