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Education Centre of Excellence (CoE) report Buddhist Chi King Primary School IT in Education Centre of Excellence (CoE) Certificate Presentation Ceremony
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STEM Education #1: 2021/22 IT in Education Centre of Excellence (CoE) Certificate Presentation Ceremony. Our school has been appointed as the 'IT in Education Centre of Excellence (CoE)' by the Education Bureau for the fifth consecutive year in the 2021/22 academic year. Through this program, we will share our experiences in promoting e-learning, organize professional development courses and provide on-site support services to educators across Hong Kong. We will also provide support on teaching methods, technology and management for the implementation of information technology education. In addition to supporting e-learning, we will focus on promoting STEM education through the use of information technology tools this academic year. One of our key focuses this year is 'Innovative STEM Education for the Future'. We are committed to incorporating innovative technology into teaching and learning, providing our students with high-quality education. At the certificate presentation ceremony, our school collaborated with Prister Academy to showcase the achievements of the rapidly developing field of information technology. Using the artificial intelligence robot TEMI and programming robot MARTY, they performed a rhythmic dance to demonstrate the impressive results of information technology.