Target Age - 7+
Place of R&D
Plugged / Unplugged

All-in-One Coding Robot

TRUETRUE, the coding robot was provided with content made in collaboration with the professional faculties of the University of Software Education and the research team from KAIST robotics lab. Designed to make coding education fun and accessible for children, TRUETRUE empowers children to explore the world of coding effortlessly, anytime and anywhere.

With TRUETRUE, children can engage in a range of activities that span from unplugged coding exercises that don't require a computer, to programming using smart devices. This versatile coding robot provides comprehensive educational support, offering learning materials that cover various aspects of computer science and creative robot programming. By mastering these skills, children are equipped with the essential tools to become future-oriented talents.

Discover the possibilities with TRUETRUE and embark on an exciting coding journey with a robot that combines expertise, innovation, and a whole lot of fun. Start your coding adventure today!