Target Age - 5+
Place of R&D
Woongjin ThinkBig from Korea
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Explore ARpedia: A Fresh Learning Journey for Kids

🦒 The Magic of Interactive Learning - We awaken children's imagination and engagement with lively flashcards and augmented reality interactions!


🦒 A New Era of Reading - Introducing a novel way to read, encompassing STEM topics that provide a rich learning experience, including 23 interactive storybooks!


🦒 Colors of Creativity - Children can color characters and props with diverse interactive flashcards, experiencing the allure of AR!


🦒 Part of the Story - By integrating real photos into ARpedia, kids can immerse themselves in each story!

ARpedia features three distinct series themed around: Into the Curiosity for the questioning stage, Into the Community for social familiarity, and the Science Lab for experimental learning.


🔎Into the Curiosity - Designed to spark children's inquisitiveness. Through interactive learning, kids explore the mysteries of science and nature, unlocking their endless quest for world knowledge.

· This stage includes: 10 books, 50 flashcards, 13 coloring cards

🌐Into the Community - Encourages children to understand and participate in community activities. This series teaches social responsibility and how to interact with the broader society.

· This stage includes: 5 books, 23 flashcards, 8 coloring cards

🧪Science Lab: Besides conducting experiments in a safe virtual environment, the Science Lab series is fun and educational, fostering scientific thinking and problem-solving skills in children.

· This stage includes: 8 books, 4 science notebooks, 28 flashcards, 4 coloring cards


👨🏻‍💻Software: Requires iOS 13 or above for Apple devices, or Android 6 or above for Android devices.

📱Compatible with iPad Mini (5th generation), iPad Air (3rd generation) or above, and Android tablets with 3GB RAM or more.