Our Story

The company name PRISTER is formed after the first name of our Founders PRIScilla Hui and TERrence Hui. With decades of experience in the toys industry and know-how in Hong Kong and China, we have been focusing on the distribution of Education Toys in the territory.


We believe in “play is the highest form of research” advocated by Albert Einstein. PRISTER focuses on distributing toys to give our next generation boundless opportunities to Explore, Experience and Enquire in their learning journey.


We want to bring joyful and creative experience to kids and families, and hope they can LOVE and CARE about each others in the world.

Our Vision

Bring Joy and Happiness to families and kids.

Our Mission

To bring innovative and playful toys to our kids

Our Value

Be your Partner not Distributor.

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Our Founders



  • Graduated from the University of Western Ontario, Canada (Bachelor of Business Administration Studies)
  • With over 10 years of experience in Business Development, Sales & Marketing and Human Resources in Toys industry

Mr. Terrence HUI

  • Graduated from the University of Hong Kong (MBA)
  • With over 15 years  of experience in Manufacturing Operations,

    Engineering, Sales & Marketing 

  • “Entrepreneur by the SME Award” from Capital Magazine (SCMP Group)

Messages from the Founders

  • We always look for the best educational toys for our kids, while we realize a lot of overseas brands and fantastic toys cannot be found in Hong Kong and China.
  • We are dedicated to working with passionate brand owners who share the same vision as we do. In return, we share        with them local knowledge, and together we build brand awareness through different channels and partners in the market.
  • We love our brands not only because of the design, but also the meaningful start-up stories behind the brands.
  • Children learn as they play. It’s important to let them play and experience in the learning process.

Our Brands

Tublock Tutorials

Believing in “Creating Joy for Customers”, Tublock offers series of product assembly videos in Youtube. These videos teaches you standard ways to assemble Tublocks and create your own designs.


Tublock believes in breaking the status quo and creating numerous possibilities by your own hands. Stay tuned for more upcoming Tublock videos!

Youtube Tublock小教室



Rm G, 16/F, MG Tower, 

No. 133 Hoi Bun Road,

Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong



Tel: +852 2897 7393

Fax:+852 2505 8841

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